EEB62 – EzMate 401 pipetador automatizado

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Arise Biotech’s EzMate™ 401 is an automated, high-precision pipetting system specifically designed for low-volume PCR/qPCR sample preparation. Lab technicians understand the many challenges associated with setting up PCR and qPCR reactions. Small volumes of reagents need to be dispensed accurately and consistently for acceptable PCR results, and the manual liquid handling process is tedious and time consuming, with many chances for mistakes.

The EzMate™ 401 was designed as a simple instrument to replace the manual process of PCR/qPCR sample prep. Accuracy, precision and consistency are guaranteed, and reagents will not be wasted on mistakes. Unlike complex, multi-purpose robotic systems, our instrument was designed for the researcher without prior robotics experience. Intuitive set up and programming will have your lab saving time and money almost immediately. Choosing EzMate™ 401 is a choice of “Working Smart”.
Easy and Convenient to Use

PC Software: EzStarter™ can be mastered in one hour. No trained technician required.
Built-in PCR/qPCR setup protocols can be quickly modified and transferred via USB memory stick.
1 and 8-channel, 50 ul or 200 ul, Automated Pipetting Modules (APMs) can be exchanged without tools.
4 interchangeable standard microtiter plate/tip rack adapters and 2 interchangeable reagent vessel adapters.
Other applications: Sequencing setup, HLA typing and SNP detection, etc.

Easy to Afford

The most affordable Automatic Pipetting System available.
EzTip™ robotic tips are compatible with Beckman’s® Biomek® 3000 system.
The CoolBlock™ adapters keep sensitive reagents/samples at 7 °C for more than 60 minutes.
Save reagent costs by reducing human errors and using more dense plates.

Easy to Service

The Automated Pipetting Module (APM) is simple to remove and can be mailed-in for service and calibration.
PC software is upgradable via the internet.
The entire system is compact and light-weighted.

Accurate and Precise

Each Automated Pipetting Module (APM) is calibrated using ISO-8655 standards.
Excellent results for qPCR standard curve and replicates (Figure 1).
Better Precision of pipetting results than manual pipetting (Figure 2).

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